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Stunning Glass Staircases & Glass Balustrades in Croydon | Metropolitan Glass

Glass balustrades and glass staircases can enrich both interiors and exteriors, improving security while providing a distinctly modern aesthetic. Our glaziers, whose area of coverage takes in Bromley, Croydon, Epsom, Esher, Cobham, Sutton, Wimbledon all surrounding locales, can design bespoke fixtures that will perfectly integrate within your existing property.

Working with glass, there are many possibilities available to you, the customer. Glass can be of varying degrees of opacity, from transparent to almost entirely opaque, and can feature ornamental frames or be totally frameless. Something transparent and frameless provides an open, airy feel to a space, while something framed and opaque may offer a sense of privacy.

A Commitment to Design Excellence

We’ll work with you and any collateral or inspiration you bring to the table, to ensure that every box on your wish list is ticked off. Our glass balustrades and staircases are strong and durable, and easily put up with the demands of everyday use.

We design and install glass balustrades and glass staircases for both domestic and commercial clients in and around the aforementioned areas of Bromley, Croydon, Epsom, Esher, Cobham, Sutton and Wimbledon, and our portfolio is correspondingly varied. So if you’re short of ideas, we can show you some examples to fire up the creative instincts.

Safeguarding Environments

Safety is of the upmost importance to our glaziers, and our designs look to safeguard users of staircases and protect the edges of any potentially dangerous precipice, whether located outside or indoors. An initial risk assessment and careful planning of the final product will allow us to meet these concerns, ensuring the glass balustrades and staircases protect the end user and adhere to all relevant building regulations.

Stunning Glass Staircases

Why glass staircases? They are eye-catching and luxurious, and can improve the value of a property significantly. They’re functional centrepieces that have an ultra-modern feel, and are great at blending in with existing architectural features. The depth and width of steps, presence or absence of vertical gaps between stairs, colour and opacity of glass, and configuration (e.g straight or spiral) can all be customised to your liking.

To discuss how our glass balustrades and staircases can improve your home or work environment, give our Croydon based glaziers a call on 07873 204 571.