Transforming Residential & Commercial Properties Alike – Your Glazier in Kingston | Metropolitan Glass Ltd

Kingston is a bustling town with countless retailers in its busy centre, plenty of corporate offices, and some beautiful residential roads to boot. As a business that serves both domestic and commercial clients, designing and installing products ranging from glass splashbacks to glass balustrades, glass worktops to glass staircases, and mirrors to frameless glass shower screens – we find ourselves attending to the Kingston area regularly.

Our glaziers are chosen for their exceptional standard of workmanship, high level of customer service, and ability to tailor items to a client’s precise specifications. We do this by changing the size, shape, style, colour and opacity of glass – or even embossing it with a company logo, or design of a client’s choice. A lot of our product information is spread out across our website, so for the benefit of prospective customers around Kingston who wish to see an “at a glance summary” of the products we offer, we’ve provided that on this page!

At a Glance – Products Our Glaziers Fit in the Kingston Area

Glass Balustrades – Tasked with protecting the edges of staircases and other areas in which falling could be a hazard, such as the tops of roofs (our glaziers have fitted glass balustrades in both indoor and outdoor environments around Kingston).

Glass Splashbacks – Bespoke and available in many styles, colours, shapes and sizes, glass splashbacks are an effective and aesthetically appealing means of protecting bathroom and kitchen surfaces from staining due to liquids splashing up from cookers, showers, etc.

Glass Staircases – An eye-catching centrepiece that can tie together multiple floors of a property, while allowing the wider interior design scheme to speak for itself, glass staircases are tough, low maintenance and offer a degree of luxury that many Kingston properties could benefit from.

Mirrors – Far more widely available than many of the other items that our glaziers make, so what makes Metropolitan Glass Ltd mirrors special? Simply put, the fact they are custom crafted in a shape, size and style of your choosing. This makes them add a level of value to a property that you can’t get with generic, mass produced mirrors.

Glass Worktops – Ideal for Kingston kitchens where functionality and form need to be perfectly balanced, our glass worktops provide a sleek and modern centrepiece that is easy to wipe down, making it ideal for both food preparation and as a centre island to entertain around.

Frameless Glass Shower Screens – Banish grubby shower curtains and create a space-maximising, light-filled and airy bathroom that allows for a tranquil morning or evening routine. Our glaziers can add frosting to make frameless glass shower screens partially opaque if privacy is an issue, for example in a gym or other publicly accessed space.

To discuss your ideas with our glaziers, pick up the phone and call 07873 204 571. Metropolitan Glass Ltd covers Kingston and all surrounding locales.