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Considering investing in one of the many products detailed across this website? Then it stands to reason you might have a question, whether it’s regarding our glass splashbacks, glass staircases, mirrors, frameless glass shower screens, glass worktops or glass balustrades. On this page, your local Croydon glazier has looked to answer a handful of queries we frequently receive, so you have a resource at hand that may very well address yours.

It’s not an exhaustive list, however. So if you have a different question, pick up the phone and call us directly on 07873 204 571.

Our Croydon Clients’ Questions Answered

What should I consider when selecting glass worktops for a Croydon property?
A key consideration is size. You don’t want glass worktops to dominate a space so absolutely that there’s little room to move around them. But likewise, if they’re too small then they may not be fit for purpose. If used in a kitchen, ask yourself the question – how much room do I need for preparation? Avid cooks and bakers may need a fair amount of space, while those more partial to a take-away may wish to keep them compact.

The next consideration is the colour and style of your glass worktops. A glazier like ours in Croydon can manufacture them to fit within your wider interior design scheme, ensuring consistency. You should also consider implementing draining grooves, to prevent any build-up of dirt.

How should I clean glass splashbacks?
Most Croydon residents will have something suitable to hand, as almost any agent is suitable for glass splashbacks: glass cleaner, stainless steel cleaner, a more generic “does all surfaces” product, or simply some hot water and soap combined with a suitable amount of elbow grease. Just don’t use using anything too aggressive or hard wearing, like a scouring pad, on glass splashbacks. Paper towels followed up by a dry cloth to avoid streaking is more than sufficient.

Why choose frameless glass shower screens over framed products?
In a nutshell: the aesthetic. Frameless glass shower screens are sleek, stylish, modern, minimal – all the things that have proven to be in-vogue amongst bathroom designers for years now. They also collect less dirt and create a feeling of open space, perfect for Croydon properties with smaller bathrooms.

Where are some great places to situate mirrors?
In residential properties, bathrooms and hallways tend to be the areas in which mirrors are most commonly found; with the former they’re essential for getting ready to leave the house, and the latter lets you give yourself a once over and ensure no labels are protruding, makeup has smeared, etc. But mirrors can also serve as effective centrepieces for living rooms, and add a sense of style to bedrooms.

What can glass balustrades off my property?
A high degree of safety, as they can protect the perimeter of stairs and other areas at height within Croydon properties. Glass balustrades do this while looking sleek and stylish, and remaining easy to clean and maintain. All these properties are shared by glass staircases, which they often work in conjunction with.

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