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Over the years, Metropolitan Glass Ltd has served many domestic and commercial clients in and around the Sutton area, crafting fantastic products such as glass splashbacks, frameless glass shower screens, glass staircases, mirrors, glass staircases and glass worktops. Always made with durability in mind, they can still suffer damage, for example, if a hard material were to collide with them at a fair speed.

In these situations, we’d urge Sutton clients to contact our glaziers to see what we can do in regards to replacing or repairing the glass. The keen DIY’ers amongst you may set to thinking: “perhaps repairs are something I might be able handle myself”. On this page, we explain why we’d advise against this…

The Importance of Using Professionals for Glass Repair

Health & Safety – While the types of glass that our glaziers employ are ultra-strong and meet all relevant building regulations, if it is badly chipped or cracked following an accident, then this structural integrity can no longer be guaranteed. Non-professional repair work is unlikely to shore up glass balustrades, frameless glass shower screens and similar products, and there is a chance that further damage may cause the glass to shatter and cause serious injury. We’d recommend Sutton clients not take the risk – bring in professional glaziers to assess the damage and recommend repair work.

Aesthetics – The aesthetic brilliance of glass comes from its smooth seamlessness, and chips and other damage can obviously sully this. While many of the products we design and install for Sutton clients – such as glass splashbacks, glass staircases, mirrors and glass worktops – aren’t purely for aesthetic and have some functional purpose, you still might wish to have them repaired by professional glaziers. Not only can the damage be a niggling annoyance you see every day, but the investment they constitute may be undermined. The issue with DIY repairs is they can fail to address this, and in some cases we’ve heard about, products have looked worse or more obviously damaged than they did before!

Preparation – Unless we’re talking the most rudimentary and ineffectual forms of repairs, a DIY’er will need to invest in specialist tools that can cost an absolute bundle. So beyond the facts of potential health and safety issues, and the possibility that the aesthetic side of things is made worse, there’s also the practical considerations. Investing in a whole set of specialist tools and learning the techniques that glaziers to deal with damage to glass balustrades, glass staircases, glass worktops, mirrors, glass splashbacks, or frameless glass shower screens doesn’t make much economical sense.

Have you damaged glass balustrades, glass worktops or similar products? Call our glaziers, who cover Sutton and all surrounds, for advice and assistance.