A Cut Above the Rest – Your Glazier in Cobham | Metropolitan Glass Ltd

If you’re currently living or working in Cobham and are browsing the internet in search of a glazier, one that can design and fit products such as glass balustrades, frameless glass shower screens, glass worktops, glass splashbacks or even one of our simplest specialities – bespoke mirrors – you’ll want to see a company answer one key question… What exactly makes you different? Why should I visit you over competitors covering the Cobham area?

While we do believe our work speaks for itself – it’s the above questions we’ve looked to answer below. So without further ado…

What Makes us Different?

The Bespoke Touch – Purchasing pre-fabricated glass balustrades, frameless glass shower screens, glass worktops, glass staircases or glass splashbacks comes with a number of drawbacks. Perhaps the most important: the product won’t necessarily fit your space, at least in the sense of being perfectly proportioned and sculpted to your Cobham property. Secondly, you’ll have to compromise by choosing a style or colour that “best matches” your current interior design scheme.

When you opt for Metropolitan Glass, the Cobham area’s favoured glazier, you get something with the perfect form factor; something that uses every square inch effectively and as such, feels totally one of a kind. You can choose a colour and style, degree and type of frosting, and even to have a custom logo or print embossed on the glass. This total customisation elevates mirrors, glass balustrades, glass splashbacks, glass worktops and frameless glass shower screens to the level of luxury – without the price tag usually associated with luxury.

Functionality in Mind – Some glaziers have been known to prioritise style over substance. But at Metropolitan Glass Ltd, we always keep functionality firmly in mind. It’s important that our products are strong enough to handle day-to-day use, important that they’ll be long lasting and easy to maintain. Glass worktops and glass splashbacks, for example, need to be easy to shrug off spills and would-be-stains. Glass balustrades and glass staircases on the other hand, need to protect edges and safeguard against falls. They need to be firmly in place and resistant to damage due to accidental contact.

All these items are considered, so that all relevant building regulations, or the specific circumstances of one of our Cobham clients (e.g the need for sturdy frameless glass shower screens with frosting for privacy, for a publically accessed locker room), are attended to by the product that we create.

Transparency & Support – As a small, independently owned company, we’ve built our reputation on amazing customer service. Our glaziers provide expert advice and assistance, from first point of contact, through to the installation itself, and on going after care.

It’s been our aim to back up our products with the kind of customer care you expect from only the greatest in their field; this goes whether you’re investing in glass balustrades and glass splashbacks, to frameless glass shower screens, glass worktops and mirrors adorning properties throughout Cobham and its surrounds.

So come and see for yourself. If you’re looking to populate your home with attractive, functional glass balustrades, mirrors, or anything else our Cobham glaziers produce, call 07873 204 571 today!