Products from Glass Balustrades to Glass Worktops in Bromley | Metropolitan Glass Ltd

If you’re considering overhauling a commercial or residential property in the Bromley area, Metropolitan Glass Ltd would love to hear from you. Located in nearby Croydon, our glaziers design and craft products including glass splashbacks, mirrors, glass staircases, frameless glass shower screens, glass balustrades and glass worktops – all of which are made bespoke to our clients’ needs.

Implementing quality glass items within your interior design scheme can constitute an effective investment in your property, bringing form and function together in perfect unification. We’ve written a little about each of these aforementioned products below, so you can get a better idea of how we can assist you in the task of breathing new life into a home or work premises, whether a retail outlet or office.

Our Glaziers Design & Craft…

Mirrors – While they do fulfil a vital purpose by helping you sculpt your image and prepare to leave the house or receive visitors, mirrors can also be stunning centrepieces that enhance the light entering a room while making it feel more spacious. Our mirrors can be crafted in any shape, size or style you’d like, so you can get something that corresponds perfectly with your property; we believe Bromley customers shouldn’t have to compromise through the purchasing of mass manufactured mirrors.

Glass Worktops – An alternative to natural stone, synthetic plastics and hardwood, glass worktops are sleek, stylish and ultra-modern. They’re also easy to clean and highly durable, meaning Bromley customers needn’t sacrifice performance to enjoy the extraordinary aesthetic that glass worktops provide.

Glass Splashbacks – Yes, they’re essential if you wish to prevent walls from suffering splashes and stains from oils and foodstuffs; but why shouldn’t they make a statement? Our glaziers craft custom glass splashbacks in a range of colours, shapes and styles, allowing you to get creative while safeguarding your surfaces.

Frameless Glass Shower Screens – Once associated with luxury hotels and only the most aesthetically indulgent of Bromley properties, frameless glass shower screens have now captured the popular imagination: much to our glaziers delight. And there’s no wonder why, they open up spaces and instil a sense of tranquillity within a bathroom space.

Glass Balustrades & Glass Staircases – Securing edges and precipices, our glass balustrades help you meet building regulations and similar health and safety regulations without compromising on style. This makes them ideal for Bromley properties with balconies, terraces, and multiple floors. Glass staircases, on the other hand, are eye-catching and one of a kind centrepieces that are strong and entirely customisable.

Glass Doors & Partitions – Nowadays, many offices like to encourage open plan working and a less old fashioned, segmented working space. The glass doors and partitions our glaziers design and fit for Bromley clients help achieve this, bringing in light and encouraging communal working. Yet meeting room doors and partitions can be translucent or opaque to bring a level of privacy, while partitions can be fitted on frames to be slid back and forth; so there’s a lot of versatility these fixtures bring to the table, too.

To discuss your ideas for implementing these products, from glass balustrades to glass worktops, contact your glaziers near Bromley on 07873 204 571.